float Ambassador program


We are creating a team of local health and wellness practitioners, artists, yogis, students, athletes, strong community leaders, and more that support Floating and truly embody what it is all about!

Your role will be to go out into the community and spread the word about Floating and Black Lotus Float Studio through your contacts, social media, and events.

In return, you receive unlimited free Floats. We believe that by supporting you in all of your adventures and goals – through unlimited access to Floating – we can help make a difference in your life.

You will schedule 3 Floats within the first 30 days when signing the Float Ambassador contract. You are then required to Float at least twice per month. After each Float (or at minimum two times a month), you must post something on your social media and/or website about your Float, the benefits of Floating, how it has helped you, etc. Just basically help us spread the Float love!

Is there a deadline for signing up?  There is a limit on how many active participants we can have, but otherwise applications are accepted at any time.

What will happen when I sign up? We’ll get in contact with you to schedule a brief review of your submission, discuss the program with you, and if everyone thinks it will be a good fit, we will then sign the contract and schedule your initial three Floats immediately!

Can I participate if I’ve never Floated before? We love that people are excited and enthusiastic , but we do require that all of our Float Ambassadors have Floated at least once at the Black Lotus Float Studio previously!

Who makes the ideal Float Ambassador? What type of people are you looking for? We are looking for unique individuals within the community that share the same attitude and enthusiasm for Floating that we do! If you believe that Floating can benefit your life and the lives of others then you are an ideal Float Ambassador!

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If you are interested in becoming a Float Ambassador for Black Lotus Float Studio please fill out our online application to tell us a bit about your interests and a sample of your work.


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