before you float...

A preview of your floating experience:

After using the rest room and a quick shower to remove any dirt, hair products, lotions and oils from your body, you will enter the tank. A welcoming light will glow. You now have 60 minutes of golden silence and relaxation. Five minutes before the session comes to an end, we will knock on the door to let you know to exit the tank. The door of the tank is fully controllable from within. You can choose whether to float with the door open or closed. There is also an interior light for beginners or for those who don’t enjoy being in the dark. However, we have found that almost all users (even those with claustrophobia) are floating with the light off within three sessions. Upon exiting the tank, you must shower again to wash away the salt from your skin.

Please note the following before arriving for your float session:

• Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

• Be sure to use the restroom before entering the tank.

• Do not shave within 24 hours of your session. The water’s high salt content is very     irritating to freshly shaved skin. We provide Vaseline in every room to cover small cuts and grazes.

• Remove all jewelry, hair pieces, and accessories prior to floating.

• Your hair will get wet if you do not bring a swimming cap to protect it.

• Epsom salt is a great hair volumizer and has NO effect on hair colors or dyes. However, we ask that you do not float if you have dyed your hair in the last week.

• Earplugs are provided to prevent water from entering the ears, as they are partially submerged.

• Avoid touching the eyes and face during your float to prevent eye irritation/burning from the high salinity of the water. A water spray bottle is provided in/by the tank if salt gets in your eyes

• It is recommended that you do not eat a big meal, drink caffeine or smoke within two hours of your float session.

• We provide many basic toiletries to accommodate your needs. Towels, wash cloths, ear plugs and Vaseline can be found in the float room. Body wash, shampoo and conditioner are in the shower. We also have a make-up area where you will find mirrors, body lotion, face products, hair dryer, Q-tips, and cotton balls. You will need to provide your own brush and any other products you find necessary.

• Complimentary ice water and hot tea will be available at the conclusion of your session.

• We ask that you honor our 24-hour cancellation policy, or you will be charged up to 100% of your booking fee. No shows and cancellations within 2 hours of session will be charged full session.

•Pregnant woman may float between 12-37 weeks.

How to best enjoy your float session:

• Use the restroom before floating you will be shown where this is before your float session

• We provide Sukin shower products and skincare body products

• Remove all jewelry and accessories

• Lock the float room door for privacy. Our staff can enter if there is an emergency.

• Shower before floating, using shower body wash and shampoo to rid hair and body of make-up, oil, dirt or lotion. Do not use conditioner during this shower.

• Put ear plugs in, and make sure they fit snug.

• Cover cuts, scrapes or severely dry skin with petroleum jelly provided to prevent salt from stinging those areas.

• Turn off the light in the room.

• Carefully step in the pod, pull the lid down using the interior handle above you, and sit slowly with your back facing the opening of the pod and your hands under you.

• Let your legs float up and out from under you slowly, and lay back, keeping your head on the end of the pod that opens.

• Everybody has a different preference for arm placement while floating. Try placing them along your sides, out to the sides or behind your head. There is no wrong way.

• The most difficult body part to release is the neck. Bring your focus back to your neck often throughout your session, and notice if it is relaxed or tense. The best way to let go is to arch the neck all the way back and release it, letting the water stop it right where it should be. Your head will not sink, just relax and let the water carry it. 

• You control the light during your session. Push the black button on the inside side of tank to turn light on or off.

• Do not touch your face while in the tank. You will get salt water in your eyes. If this happens, do not panic. There is a spray bottle with fresh water hanging in the tank. Lift your head slightly, reach for the spray bottle, keeping your eyes closed, and spray your face well with the fresh water. Lay back, keep your eyes closed. Problem solved.

• When your session has ended, slowly sit up, keeping your head tilted back to prevent salt from running down in to your eyes.

• Push the lid up, and stand up. Wring the excess water from your hair back in to the tank.

• Step out of the tank and place your ear plugs back where you found them to be recycled.

• Shower using shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair and body, making sure to remove all salt from your skin.

• Towel dry, help yourself to the Sukin products and lotions provided in the room and get dressed.

• We allow 15 minutes both before and after your float for showering. Please do not exceed these time allotments, as there will be a guest waiting to use the room after you.