What is Normal?

What is normal? 

The definition of normal: Conforming to a standard usually typical or what is expected. 

Who decides to what standard we should conform? Who decides what is typical or normal? 

Society? Friends? Family? Community? Social media?

What makes the human race so special is that we are all so incredibly different. Different strengths and weakness, different talents and personality’s. Is our normal shaped by the community's and cultures in which we live? 

What you see on the surface of someone's life may not be a true picture of who they are or the trials and challenges they are facing. The way they look or talk may not be a true reflection of who and what they are on the inside. 

In a world where social media portrays all the good and none of the bad it is no wonder that people have a false perception of what their own lives should look like. Who they should be, what they should have and how they should live and behave. As a culture we do not post the dirty truth of what life can be like, the pain, suffering, hardship and stresses that we face as individuals or families. The outward appearance of a perfect life can be deceptive and damaging if we take the lives of people's Social and main stream media pages at face value. 

I have been inspired to write this post firstly because of the many beautiful souls that have walked through the doors of the Black Lotus Float Studio and shared their journeys with me. Secondly because of one of our younger float clients, a 15 year old who has gotten out of his comfort zone and has been floating with us who may not ( along with many of us) fit into society's box of normal. But a boy no less who is highly intelligent and may also struggle along with the rest of us to conform to society's standards of typical, normal or expected. Like anyone else he has dreams and challenges, good days and bad days, and like anyone else needs acceptance, love, a sense of belonging, understanding and the basic human desire to connect on a level with other human beings.

Float therapy across the globe is doing amazing things, helping people to reduce pain, de-stress, switch off, relax and regain mental and physical well-being.The beautiful mum of this 15 year old boy said to me

"He actually really enjoys spending time / talking with you. I think it's just as much therapeutic as the float"

Which lead me to think of the many conversations I have had with people at the Black Lotus Float Studio, pouring their hearts and souls out in the reception room of my studio and the belief that listening can also be profoundly therapeutic along with the hour they spend in the tank. People need to talk, they need to have a safe place and an ear to listen and be a sounding board to their struggles and fears. 

Through the doors of our studio I have seen many a person from all walks of life who have shared there trials and tribulations and trumps through hardship and turmoil they strive to keep going and I'm truly awed at the strength and perseverance that these people have.

So in short here at the black lotus float studio we are passionate about floating but also care about who you are, where you have come from and where you are going along with encouraging people to pursue the truth. The truth that we are only human and make mistakes, the truth that we are imperfect creatures who have days that downright suck and days that are awesome. Days of pain and suffering and days of joy, there is no judgement here at our studio and always a Bucket load of empathy and understanding with the ultimate goal of seeing people feel comfortable and safe to share whatever they may need to. 

There is no expectation of normal here only the desire to see people from all walks of life who are different beyond measure feel comfortable, accepted uplifted, and understood and of course to enjoy and experience all the benefits that float therapy offers in a calming relaxing environment. 


michael dorsch