Mental Health - Free Float Program

 “I just think mental illness is something people need to learn more about.I want people to know it's okay to ask for help and it's okay to have a mental illness."  Demi Lovato


We are very excited to be announcing the Launch of a Free Mental Health Float Program. This program will be aimed at people who suffer from Burnout, stress, depression (including post natal depression) and anxiety. To some these things may be all to familiar or you may know someone who may be experiencing them. This program will include 3 free 90 minute float sessions at our studio, with the option to continue float sessions at a subsides rate for a further 3 months. 

Stress, anxiety and depression are continuely on the rise, but no wonder, we live in such a fast paced busy world and society where resting is often considered laziness and constant busyness is considered normal. Days off are a luxury. To often a Rehab not prehab appraoch is taken. Seeking help for Mental Health is fast becoming out of reach with the rise of living costs. Our aim is to provide a free service that allows people to receive a natural therapy that can aid in their mental health and wellbeing. Along with this we provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for people to come, relax and take time out.

Justin Feinstein, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Director of the LIBR Float Clinic and Research Centre is in the early stages of researching the impact Floating has on specific parts of the Brain.

 " The ongoing research is in its very early stages, but Feinstein and his team are seeing that floating tamps down anxiety in the brain in a way that rivals some prescription drugs and meditation." Time article

Why we are interested in Mental Health? My first experience with anxiety came at the age of 25 in the form of illness, this illness know as CFS ( or chronic fatigue syndrome) plagued my body for years, and my mind for many more even after I became well. Mike my husband had a front row seat to it all, although we were not married at the time. 

During the years I was unwell my mind became a battlefield. Fear of never getting better, fear of not having answers for my recovery, fear of being alone, fear of losing my independence, fear that my body would never know anything but tiredness and fear that the pain and suffering would never end. I was lucky, not to say that i did not sacrifice huge parts of my life in my journey to recover, I lost alot in those few years, but i did recover and what I gained from those years of being unwell I would not trade.

I gained a deep and understanding empathy for people who suffer, especially through long term illness. I learned about listening to my body and I really learned about how to persevere through hardship. Along with this I was incredibly blessed to have a loving and supportive family to care for me. 

So I recovered. Although my body became well my fear did not depart, nore did my anxiety,  it reared its ugly face in new forms. fear of being unwell again, fear of losing precious years of my life if this happened, fear of not being loved or a burden, fear of being in public places, fear of being outside my comfort zone, this fear plagued my mind which lead to more anxious thoughts. 

Anxiety became a constant reminder of what I had gone through. Sleep became of utmost importance, to the point that if I was ever in a situation where I did not get 10 hours sleep my anxiety about not sleeping would keep me awake anyway. 

Research into the benefits of Floating for Mental Health are not in short supply, I personally float for a number of reasons relaxation, pain relief and anxiety and stress. In short we are passionate about Mental Health and Wellbeing and hope that this Free Float Program can aid in your journey to a healthier and happier mind to.


If you would like to Apply for our Mental Health Free Float Program please fill out the form below.