I was lucky enough to get to experience a float last night, wow what an amazing way to put a busy mind into neutral. Seemed to give me clarity and my body has nowhere near the usual aches and pains!!!

If I am to be totally honest, I was a little bit unsure about it due to being a tad claustrophobic but it was not an issue at all - an amazing experience that I cannot wait to do again.
— Jo , Riverhead, Auckland

Jodie has set up a fabulous float environment with great ambiance and welcoming customer care. I loved the whole studio. My float experience at Black Lotus was very serene. Really reduced my stress levels. Great as a new mum
— Fritha, North Auckland

I am absolutely amazed at how relaxing this treatment is and how refreshed it makes you feel
— Phillip, Auckland

Had my first ever float today. It was gorgeous and the facilities just lovely. I recommend this experience to anyone and will definitely be back. Thank you so much!
— Sue, Auckland

Ahhhh mazing! Thank you so much for the relaxing experience. Highly recommend this place. The storm and India tea is soo good as well! I got the Siena spice tea and it is Devine! Thanks again x
— Courtney, Auckland

I went for a float at Black Lotus earlier this week and let me tell you, its one of the nicest studios I have had an opportunity to visit. The studio itself is situated right in the heart of Riverhead so easy access, and plenty of parking while still retaining the privacy and seclusion that comes with rural living.

The tank itself is extremely nice and spacious. Even for a tall bloke like myself I had plenty of room to float and even had space to put my arms above my head. The room has a modern naturalistic feel to it with everything you need before and after the float provided.

I have felt light and re-energized for days since my float. It has relaxed every muscle in my body and provided a bit of mental clarity. For those who haven’t floated before I would highly recommend it. I believe it’s the future for mental and physical well being. Major sports and athletic teams around the world use float tanks for their player’s physical health. We are now seeing more and more people using tanks for self meditation and inward exploration of one’s own mind.

If you are looking to give it a try, don’t hesitate to go down to Black Lotus and see Jodie. She will look after you and ensure that you have the best possible experience. Highly recommended.
— Rob, Auckland

Absolutely amazing experience! The staff are welcoming and friendly and the studio is beautiful and smells divine as soon as you walk through the door! The range of shower and skin products left my skin feeling refreshed and healthy and even better knowing they’re all natural and organic. It was my first time floating and i loved it! I didn’t feel claustrophobic and liked that you have the option to turn the light on and off. The whole experience really put my body and mind in relaxed state and was the best way to start my weekend. I highly recommend and will be back again!
— Salote, Auckland